How to Extend Your Program

  • An extension application is submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the original training program end date. A trainee who makes an extension request without this advanced notice must submit a statement explaining the circumstances behind his delayed application. Even then there is no guarantee that the late request will be considered.
  • The additional training time is proven to be necessary to meet training objectives as stated on the original training plan or to increase professional competencies with more sophisticated skill training.
  • The total program does not exceed the maximum training length.
  • The extended training is with the same host company.
  • The extension fee, based on the additional number of program months is paid. The program extension fee is based on the same cost structure as our program fee Student Exchange Australia New Zealand - Costs, i.e. a 4 month extension would be the same cost as a new 4 month program.

Extensions are granted as long as you meet the following criteria:

You will not need to leave the USA to get your visa extended.

All extensions are to be submitted to Student Exchange Australia New Zealand.