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CIEE Internship USA Job Board - Facebook Page

The Intern/Trainee Internship Board is a great resource to help applicants find internships.

Internship Search Engines - All disciplines

  1. Go Abroad
  3. The Riley Guide
    Employment opportunities and job resources on the Internet.
    Lists over 5,000 internships from all disciplines.
  5. The Princeton Review
    Searchable database for an internship in more than 175 different fields.
  6. Internship USA
    Listing of internships - all disciplines.
  7. Student Conservation Association
  8. Experience
  9. Intern Match
  10. Find Spark
  11. Youtern
  12. Global Experiences
  13. JobbankUSA
    Searchable database with a search field for interns.
  14. Intern Jobs
    Searchable database of only internship jobs.
    A website where you can purchase books on finding internships specific to your degree.
    An extensive listing of internships available throughout the USA in all disciplines.
  17. The Job Resource
    Search for internship/co-op jobs by job type (accounting, etc.), company type (advertising, etc.), location (state in the US or country), and keyword.
  18. The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
    20 internships offered per semester in a variety of areas including advertising, development, education (local and national programs), press relations, production, programming, technology, volunteer management, finance, and facilities.
    Find hundreds of printable job applications and online employment forms

General US Job Search Engines

Many students choose to find their own job, because it gives them the most flexibility in terms of location and type of job. Most students find a job before they depart for the U.S. Only students from select countries are allowed to find a job once they have arrived. Online resources to help with the job search include:

  1. Linkedin
    To search for internship listings, go to the jobs tab at the top of the page and put “internship” in the search box. 
  2. Indeed
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Simply Hired
  5. Career Shift
  6. Career Builder
    Search for internships by field of interest and keyword ‘internship’.
  7. CareerNet
  8. Search for internships by field of interest and keyword ‘internship’.
    Search for internships by field of interest and keyword ‘internship’.

Resources for applying for an internship

  1. How to get an internship
  2. How to write a cover letter for an internship
  3. Internship resume examples

Internship Sites for Specific Diciplines


  1. US Department of Agriculture


  1. Archeaological Institute of America


  1. Careers in Business
  2. Career information and profiles, searchable database - use keyword ‘internship’ to search.


  1. Magazine Publishers of America
    Internships in the magazine industry.
  2. American society of newspaper editors
    Internship listing for journalism students.
  3. Knightrider


  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network
    Lists positions available in universities, use keyword ‘internship’ to search.


  1. Environment Careers Organisation
    Lists paid internships in the environmental field.
  2. Environmental
    Environmental jobs service on the web, use keyword ‘internship’ to search.
  3. Sustainable Business Network

Film and TV

  1. Showbiz jobs, scripts and other resources such as lists of companies to contact.
  2. Media Line
    Interactive database for the tv industry, graduate entry jobs listed. You will need to become a member.


  1. Student Career Experience Program (SCEP)
    An internship program sponsored by agencies of the federal government.
  2. DC Internships
    For students majoring in public policy, politics, economics and international relations.
  3. USA Jobs
    USA Jobs is the best place to look for government jobs. Users can find opportunities by location, agency, occupation, and job title. Disabled individuals and veterans can identify staff and other resources to help them secure government employment. A clear explanation of the federal hiring process is outlined.


  1. Pittsbourgh Technology Council
  2. Technology orientated internships over the US summer.

Non-Profit/Charity Organisations

    A non-profit organisation working with 20,000 organisations in 150 countries. Search for internships on this page. Subscribe (no charge) and have announcements sent to you via e-mail.


  1. A museum about America and its history with the sea.
  2. Walt Disney World
    A variety of tourism/hospitality roles in an organized internship with one of the most recognizable organizations.

US University Careers Web Pages

Just as your university's careers centre has a website that you can access to find employment, so do American universities. Searching an American university's career website is another effective way to search for an internship. While some university websites may be password protected (to only allow their students access to the jobs listings), there are a number of universities that you can still access. Here is a sample of a few:

American Newspapers

These can be an excellent primary source, as they carry specific job advertisements as well as general information about industries and locations which can lead you on to other research. These publications are available at major newsagencies in larger cities, in some Public and University Libraries, in the American Studies Department at universities, in US consulates, and on the web.

Personal Contacts

Sometimes our best contacts are right in front of us. Talk to your lecturers and tutors, as many of them have either come from a business background or have connections to people in your desired field. Ask whether they have any contacts in the States, get them to suggest organisations you should approach directly or whether they have any general tips or suggestions.

Talk to your friends, your parents and their friends to see if they have any connections with the USA. You are not asking them to give you a job, just requesting a contact or an address. This is a very common way to find a position in the USA.

International Affairs or Careers Advisor

Your university/college's Careers Office may have lists of employers who have US connections. The Careers Advisor may have some helpful information and may be able to give you other general advice or specific contacts.

Trade Association

The US Chamber of Commerce and other professional organisations will have US contacts or listings of American organisations and related businesses that can be good primary sources.

Useful Accommodation Links

Accommodation: Hotels, Hostels


Accommodation: Longer-Term


Local Area Info