Benefits of the Program

The US is the most diverse and dynamic economy on earth. The opportunity to live and work there for up to 18 months on a sponsored and structured training program will bring a wide range of benefits that will last long after you return home.

My internship at the US Congress in Washington DC helped me grow both personally and professionally. Representing Australia internationally, gave me a strong sense of leadership and confidence. The experience has shown me that if we strip away the fences we construct in our minds we can unlock limitless possibilities.

Felicia Quatela, Australia, Internship at US Congress in Washington DC

  • You will be issued with a visa allowing you to live and work in the US for the duration of your program
  • You will be part of a structured training program that will expose you to many aspects of the business
  • You will get first hand experience in your field of study or chosen career in the world’s leading economy
  • You will make invaluable business contacts that you can call on later in your career
  • You will expand your horizons and open career doors you didn’t know existed
  • You will gain important insights into American business culture that will enhance your future career prospects
  • You will challenge yourself and gain independence and maturity
  • You will enhance your resumé and give yourself a competitive edge in the jobs marketplace
  • You will earn US$ which you can use to travel around the country at the end of your program

Living and working in the USA could provide you with a career boost that sets you on the path to success.

These are real benefits that are there for the taking. Do you have what it takes?